Wenn Google ein Mensch wäre in der New York Public Library

In der New York Public Library kann ein Bibliothekar verständigt werden, um jegliche Art von Rechercheanfragen zu beantworten.Die Notrufnummer gibt es nun schon seit inzwischen 40 Jahren und seit dieser Zeit erhält die Bibliothek mehr als 30,000 Anfragen pro Jahr.

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[Infografik] Alphabet – Googles Mutterfirma im Überblick

Price, Rob; Nudelman, Mike: One chart that explains Alphabet, Google’s parent company, BusinessInsider

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[Infografik] Digitale Forschung – ein zweischneidiges Schwert

Digital Research Infographic
Quelle: Digital Research: The Double Edged Sword, Education Database Online Blog

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What is a Library Research Database?

What is a Library Research Database? from OSLIS on Vimeo.

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Was ist Big Data?

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Wenn Google ein Mensch wäre – Teil 5

Google – Brian Husky
Curious Man – Colton Dunn
Little Boy – Ryan Fee
Hypochondriac – Damian Washington
Dumb Girl – Michele Love Santoro
Pathetic Man – Will Hines
Reasonable Woman – Lilan Bowden
Denier – D’Arcy Carden
Manchild – Jon Gabrus
Comedian – Matt McManus
Nerdy Guy – Nathan Barnatt
MebMD – Roger Anthony

Director – Matt Enlow
Producer – Michele Love Santoro
Writers – Sam Reich and the CH Staff
Cinematography – Jay Carey and James Milner
Editor – Ryan Anthony Martin
President of Original Content – Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer – Spencer Griffin
Director of Production – Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production – Michael Schaubach
Production Manager – Sam Kirkpatrick
Art Director – Abby Sanford
Costume Designer – Patrick Glendening
Hair and Makeup – Lauren Wilde
Production Coordinator – Shane Crown
Script Supervisor – Donald Tursman
1st Assistant Director – Asia Lemasters
2nd Assistant Director – Heath Lacy
1st Assistant Camera – Kelly Reed
2nd Assistant Camera / DIT – Kyle Loughrin
Gaffer – Dominic D’Astice
Key Grip – Eddy Scully
Swing Grip – Braden Barton
Set Dresser – Ian Lapadus
Art Assistant – Michael Yunez
Hair and Makeup Assistant – Chia Chia Feng
Production Sound – Anthony Kozlowski
Sound Utility – Michael Alaynik
Graphics – Michael Cisneros
Post Production Supervisor – Evan Watkins
Post Production Manager – Stephanie Zorn
Head Assistant Editor – Phil Fox
Production Legal – Karen Segall
Production Accountant – Shay Parsons
Assistant Production Accountant – Chetera Bell
Assistant Production Accountant – Giles Moffett
Production Assistant – Nicolas Morelli
Production Assistant – Peter Wilkerson

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Hug a Librarian – Umarme deine/n Bibliothekar/in

Die Bibliothekarin


Heute ist der Hug a Librarian Day. Und das folgende Zitat macht klar, warum Bibliothekare und Bibliothekarinnen aller Welt heute eine dicke Umarmung verdienen:

Librarians are there:

To help, aid, assist. To teach, collate, enthuse. To catalogue, index, arrange, organise. To find, discover, promote, display. To interest, intrigue, amuse and amaze. To instill wonder. To help children, adults, old people, the underprivileged, the rich, the poor, those with voices and those without. To protect resources, to archive them, to store them, to save them for the future. To provide differing viewpoints, to engender thought, conversation, research, fun. To provide the best answer possible, to match the answer to the enquirer, to provide just enough information without overwhelming the user, but enough to always help. To better a local community, a company, a school, a college, an organisation, a country, the world.

Google is there:

To make money.

Bradley, Phil: What librarians & Google are for…, 28.06.2011

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Ørestad Library

Ørestad Library from Kollision on Vimeo.

Municipality of Copenhagen (bibliotek.kk.dk)

For more information see: kollision.dk/en/oerestad_library

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Harald Sack: Neue Wege zu Inhalten: Ist die Dominanz der Suche am Ende?

Vortrag von Dr. Harald Sack, Senior Researcher, Hasso Plattner Institut für IT-Systems Engineering (HPI)

Quelle: http://mediaconventionberlin.com/de/2…

ALEX Berlin auf MEDIA CONVENTION und re:publica 2015

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[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 2014

I have always been madly in love with librarians, a noble profession of dedication of the highest order. In my long career as an author, librarians have been integral to my writing process. They have provided assistance in research and additional support. Even something as basic as a Google search, while an essential tool for an author, is not as enjoyable and effective as working alongside a knowledgeable librarian. Librarians also offer the public a fantastic filter and provide them with books that are the most meaningful to both the community as a whole, and to those dedicated readers, regardless of income, for whom the pursuit of entertainment, insight, and knowledge through books, is as essential as the air we breathe.” Warren Adler 

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