The Library Song

Thunder Bay Public Library’s wide range of collections and services are outlined in this song!

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Die automatische Buchtransportanlage der New York Public Library

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Wenn Google ein Mensch wäre in der New York Public Library

In der New York Public Library kann ein Bibliothekar verständigt werden, um jegliche Art von Rechercheanfragen zu beantworten.Die Notrufnummer gibt es nun schon seit inzwischen 40 Jahren und seit dieser Zeit erhält die Bibliothek mehr als 30,000 Anfragen pro Jahr.

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“Nichts ist leicht” – Bibliothek – unzensiert

Als David den Praktikanten Brian einstellt, um ihn für ein Podcast zu interviewen, beschwert dieser sich über Hollywood und verrät die besten Orte, um authentische Menschen zu treffen.

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Interview mit der Maine State Bibliothekarin Ruth Hazelton, 1962

Interview with Maine State Librarian, Ruth Hazelton, 1962 from Maine State Library on Vimeo.

Ms. Hazelton discusses the services of the Maine State Library in Augusta.

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Das Harold Washington Library Center

The Great Chicago Fire burned about 2 million books that were in existence in the city. Thomas Hughes, who was a British MP, organized a book drive in England that resulted in over 8,000 volumes being sent to form the nucleus of the new Chicago Free Library.

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Das Sommerleseprogramm der Livonia Public Library…Parkour!

Das folgende Video zum aktuellen Sommerleseprogramm der Livonia Public Library zeigt Bibliothekare von ihrer sportlichen Seite. Dieser Videoclip schaffte es sogar in die Late Late Show von James Cordon.

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[Videozitat] Kommentiert – 2015

Aufgenommen am 06.102015 in der New York Public Library

With her debut memoir Just Kids, Patti Smith proved her literary voice to be just as powerful as her musical one. Her new memoir, M Train, holds the same elegant prose and tells more of her powerful, poignant story. Smith comes to LIVE to discuss this new work.

PATTI SMITH is the author of Just Kids, which won the National Book Award in 2010, and of five collections of poetry. Her seminal album Horses has been hailed as one of the top 100 albums of all time. In 2005, the French Ministry of Culture awarded Smith the title of Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres; she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. She lives in New York City.

Die gesamten 90 min der Veranstaltung:

For more events by LIVE from the NYPL visit:

(Bearbeitet, 11.06.2016, DB)

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Umimirai Library

Bibliotheksbau einer Öffentlichen Bibliothek in Japan durch das Archtitektur Coelacanth-K&H
Der Bibliotheksbau erinnert an eine dreistöckige “Cake Box”.

The building is a large white box perforated with hole-punched windows that light up the interiors naturally in the day and at night glow out like portholes of a giant ship. There is a maritime feel to the place, probably unintended, or maybe since it was designed by a firm whose name evokes the ancient deep sea the contrary feelings of floating and drifting and being submerged are all by design.

Umimirai Library from Tramnesia on Vimeo.

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[Infografik] Internetzugang in den Public Libraries der USA

Public Access Computers, Internet – via QuincyLibrary

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